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I know I touched on this subject before but I want to tackle it some more since this is probably the biggest sticking point with a lot of guys out there. I can care less who it is, ALL GUYS even your top PUA’s have all experienced approach anxiety.

The only difference is they figured it out sooner than most of the guys out there. I myself had the worst approach anxiety until I changed my mental focus.

Here are some tips to help you overcome this obstacle. As long as you can follow these three rules your dating life will improve by leaps and bounds.

First thing is you need to relax! Here is a little mental trick – only focus on positive outcomes you will have with women. This will help you reduce your fears and anxiety with women.

Second thing is to stay positive. Nothing is more of a buzz kill than hanging out with some cool people and you got Debbie Downer or Rainy Steve in the mix. No one really cares about your bad day.

Whatever issues you got going on in your life – FIX THEM!

Lastly – talk to every woman you encounter! Use these opportunities to PRACTICE your conversation skills and reduce nervousness.

Where can you find women to talk to?

Checkout girls
Women in your class
Waitresses are grea (natural flirts)
Women in clothing stores
Not so bad right? It’s really not that difficult once you start doing it and in a very short time your approach anxiety will be almost non-existent.

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